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310 W 6th Street 

Nestled in a beautiful neighborhood, surrounded by some of Anaconda’s most beautiful homes, a view of the A hillside, and amongst many wandering deer, sits this quaint 1100 sq foot home.  Built in 1935, this home has seen its fair share of history and hard times.  Years of harsh winters and depression, this home became dilapidated and victim of disrepair.  This home was ready for transformation.   

The home was gutted and reimagined, giving it a new life and feel.  The outside received a fresh coat of paint, a softer tone, and cleaned up the outside area. As you step into the house, you are greeted by an open concept, tons of natural light, and laminate flooring that gives a seamless feel throughout.  The kitchen and living space interact marvelously together, harmonized by space and warmth, providing a cozy environment.  By gutting the property, we were able to add a second bedroom and redesign the bathroom and laundry area.     

We are proud of the transformation of this house and excited to see it flourish in its second life.




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